Multilingual child care in Bergen

International playschool Little Europe offers affordable multilingual day care for children between 2 and 4 years of age. We are the only child care facility near Bergen Noord-Holland with a special dispensation to work in multiple languages (English, French and Dutch) and which is accessible to all children. Dutch Children are also very welcome to join us!

Our mission

Our mission is to bring children from international families (or internationally minded families) together in a safe, stable and stimulating environment. Dutch families are very welcome as well. 90% of our children come from countries other than the Netherlands.

Native speaking staff

We have native speaking, professional staff and offer a warm homely environment where cultural diversity is celebrated.  We use lots of music, song, rhyme, role-play and art activities in our daily routine.  This is especially important for children who have varying degrees of language acquisition.

European School Bergen

We are very lucky to be able to share parts of The European School in Bergen and this gives us access to a wonderful range of playgrounds and a well-equipped library.  It is also important for our children to see and hear bigger children around their classroom speaking different languages.  It is a vibrant atmosphere and we feel privileged to be a part of this special community. Although we are situated within the school, we remain two separate organisations.  

Rates - kinderopvangtoeslag

Our rates are comparable to other Dutch child care providers, at the moment it is 8,30 Euro per hour. You may  be eligible for child care benefit (kinderopvangtoeslag). This a contribution towards the costs of child care through the Dutch tax office. On our enrolment page you will find more information.

Multilingual child care Bergen

Like The European School, we have a special dispensation to operate in languages other than Dutch. We work with 3 main languages: English, Dutch and French. In discussion with parents we agree what language/languages they would like us to use with their child.  Often the children we have are preparing for an education or future with one of the 3 languages above.  We also take their home language into account and ask parents to share keywords with us that will help their child settle-in.  

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